CompTIA – CYSA plus

Security Plus - CompTIA (sy0-601)

Comptia security+ highlights the basic knowledge needed to perform the security functions in IT security. It focus on the practical skill set required to solve a variety of problems and tackle issues. The course covers the latest updates and market trends on risk management and mitigation, how to respond to threats and treat them and various auditing and penetration testing opportunities


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more than 97% of scored secured by past students

CySA+ focuses on the candidates ability to not only proactively capture, monitor, and respond to network traffic findings, but also emphasizes software and application security, automation, threat hunting, and IT regulatory compliance, which affects the daily work of security analysts.

This program delivery through aws and iLab access too, 100+ security tools used for enterprise based cyber security tools and techniques.

Program Overview

Become an Ethical Hacker..!

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#enterprise scenario based training

SiemHunters is a unit of Cyberloop & Pentesterzone. We provide enterprise-based training and lab scenarios, We have 10+ industrial certified instructor teams to deliver Ec Council courses and certifications.

CompTIA CYSA plus will teach you the latest commercial-grade Enterprise tools to conduct vapt on web applications, network, wireless and cloud, also hacking tools, Techniques and methods followed by the enterprises. we are delivery courses as per the CompTIA standards and create our own enterprises lab scenarios also. 

Key Features of CYSA+ 

70+ Hours of Instructor Led Training

Flexible timings

100+ Enterprised tools & ilab access

Exam Voucher Included

Dedicated Job portal

Self-Learning Access

Learning Path

lesson1 – Information Security Overview
lesson2 – Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors
lesson3 – Hacking Concepts
lesson4 – Ethical Hacking Concepts
lesson5 – Information Security Controls — part 1
lesson5 – Information Security Controls — part 2
lesson6 – Penetration Testing Concepts
lesson7 – Information Security Laws and Standards

Learn: security threats, attack vectors, security laws, pentesting concepts,security laws and standards

lesson1 – Footprinting Concepts
lesson2 – Footprinting through Search Engines
lesson3 – Footprinting through Web Services
lesson4 – Footprinting through Social Networking Sites
lesson5 – Website Footprinting
lesson6 – Email Footprinting
lesson7 – Competitive Intelligence
lesson8 – Whois Footprinting
lesson9 – DNS Footprinting
lesson10 – Network Footprinting
lesson11 – Footprinting through Social Engineering
lesson12 – Footprinting Tools
lesson13 – Footprinting Countermeasures
lesson14 – Footprinting Penetration Testing

Learn: footprinting concepts,search engines,web services,email footprinting,whois footprinting,DNS footptinting,footprinting tools,countermeasures,footprinting pentesting

lesson1 – Network Scanning Concepts
lesson2 – Scanning Tools
lesson3 – Scanning Techniques part 1
lesson3 – Scanning Techniques part 2
lesson4 – Scanning Beyond IDS and Firewall part 1
lesson4 – Scanning Beyond IDS and Firewall part 2
lesson5 – Banner Grabbing
lesson6 – Draw Network Diagrams
lesson7 – Scanning Pen Testing

Learn: network scanning concepts,scanning tools,techniques,scanning beyond IDS and firewall,banner grabbing,draw network diagrams,scanning pentesting

lesson1 – Enumeration Concepts
lesson2 – NetBIOS Enumeration
lesson3 – SNMP Enumeration
lesson4 – LDAP Enumeration
lesson5 – NTP Enumeration
lesson6 – SMTP and DNS Enumeration
lesson7 – Other Enumeration Techniques
lesson8 – Enumeration Countermeasures
lesson9 – Enumeration Pen Testing

Learn: enumeration concepts,netBIOS enumeration,SNMP enumeration,SMPT and DNS enumeration,enumeration countermeasures,enumeration pentesting

lesson1 – Vulnerability Assessment Concepts
lesson2 – Vulnerability Assessment Solutions
lesson3 – Vulnerability Scoring Systems
lesson4 – Vulnerability Assessment Tools
lesson5 – Vulnerability Assessment Reports

Learn: vulnerability assessment,scoring systems,assessment tools,assessment reports

lesson1 – System Hacking Concepts
lesson2 – Cracking Passwords part 1
lesson2 – Cracking Passwords part 2
lesson2 – Cracking Passwords part 3
lesson3 – Escalating Privileges
lesson4 – Executing Applications
lesson5 – Hiding Files part 1
lesson5 – Hiding Files part 2
lesson5 – Hiding Files part 3
lesson6 – Covering Tracks
lesson7 – Penetration Testing

Learn: system hacking concepts,cracking passwords,escalating privileges,executing applications,hiding files,covering tracks,penetration testing

lesson1 – Malware Concepts
lesson2 – Trojan Concepts part 1
lesson2 – Trojan Concepts part 2
lesson2 – Trojan Concepts part 3
lesson3 – Virus and Worm Concepts part 1
lesson3 – Virus and Worm Concepts part 2
lesson3 – Virus and Worm Concepts part 3
lesson4 – Malware Analysis part 1
lesson4 – Malware Analysis part 2
lesson4 – Malware Analysis part 3
lesson5 – Countermeasures
lesson6 – Anti-Malware Software
lesson7 – Malware Penetration Testing

Learn: malware concepts,trojan concepts,virus and worm concepts,malware analysis,countermeasures,anti-malware software,malware pentesting

lesson1 – Sniffing Concepts
lesson2 – Sniffing Techniques part 1
lesson2 – Sniffing Techniques part 2
lesson2 – Sniffing Techniques part 3
lesson3 – Sniffing tools
lesson4 – Countermeasures
lesson5 – Sniffing Detection Techniques
lesson6 – Sniffing Pen Testing

Learn: sniffing concepts,techniques,tools,countermeasures,sniffing detection techniques,sniffing pentesting

lesson1 – Social Engineering Concepts
lesson2 – Social Engineering Techniques
lesson3 – Insider Threats
lesson4 – Impersonation on Social Networking Sites
lesson5 – Identity Theft
lesson6 – Countermeasures
lesson7 – Social Engineering Pen Testing

Learn: social engineering concepts,techniques,insider threats,impersonation on social networking sites,identify theft,countermeasures,social engineering pentesting

lesson1 – DOS/DDoS Concepts
lesson2 – DOS/DDOS Attack Techniques
lesson3 – Botnets
lesson4 – DDoS Case Study
lesson5 – DoS/DDOS Attack Tools
lesson6 – Countermeasures
lesson7 – DoS/DDoS Protection Tools
lesson8 – DoS/DDoS Penetration Testing

Learn: DOS/DDOS concepts, attack techniques,botnets,DDos case study,attack tools,Dos/DDos protection tools, penetration testing

lesson1 – Session Hijacking Concepts
lesson2 – Application Level Session Hijacking
lesson3 – Network Level Session Hijacking
lesson4 – Session Hijacking Tools
lesson5 – Countermeasures
lesson6 – Penetration Testing

Learn: session hijacking concepts,application level hijacking,network level hijacking,session hijacking tools,countermeasures

lesson1 – IDS, Firewall and Honeypot Concepts part 1
lesson1 – IDS, Firewall and Honeypot Concepts part 2
lesson2 – IDS, Firewall and Honeypot Solutions
lesson3 – Evading IDS
lesson4 – Evading Firewalls
lesson5 – IDS/Firewall Evading Tools
lesson6 – Detecting Honeypots
lesson7 – IDS/Firewall Evasion Countermeasures
lesson8 – Penetration Testing

Learn: IDS,firewall and honeypot concepts and solutions,evading IDS,evading firewalls,IDS/firewall evading tools,detecting honeypots,IDS/firewall evasion countermeasures

lesson1 – Web Server Concepts
lesson2 – Web Server Attacks
lesson3 – Web Server Attack Methodology
lesson4 – Web Server Attack Tools
lesson5 – Countermeasures
lesson6 – Patch Management
lesson7 – Web Server Security Tools
lesson8 – Web Server Pen Testing

Learn: web server concepts,attacks,attack methodology,attack tools,patch management,web server security tools, web server pentesting

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6


lesson1 – SQL Injection Concepts
lesson2 – Types of SQL Injection
lesson3 – SQL Injection Methodology part 1
lesson3 – SQL Injection Methodology part 2
lesson4 – SQL Injection Tools
lesson5 – Evasion Techniques
lesson6 – Countermeasures

Learn: SQL injection concepts, types of sql injection and methodology,tools,evasion techniques,counterneasures

lesson1 – Wireless Concepts
lesson2 – Wireless Encryption
lesson3 – Wireless Threats
lesson4 – Wireless Hacking Methodology part 1
lesson4 – Wireless Hacking Methodology part 2
lesson5 – Wireless Hacking Tools
lesson6 – Wireless Hacking Tools
lesson7 – Countermeasures
lesson8 – Wireless Security Tools
lesson9 – Wireless Pen Testing

Learn: wireless concepts,encryption,threats,wireless hacking methodology,hacking tools,wireless security tools,countermeasures

lesson1 – Mobile Platform Attack Vectors
lesson2 – Hacking Android OS part 1
lesson2 – Hacking Android OS part 2
lesson3 – Hacking iOS
lesson4 – Mobile Spyware
lesson5 – Mobile Device Management
lesson6 – Mobile Security Guidelines and Tools
lesson7 – Mobile Pen Testing

Learn: mobile platform attack vectors,hacking android OS,hacking IOS,spyware,device management,security guidlines and tools,mobile pentesting

lesson1 – loT Concepts
lesson2 – lot Attacks
lesson3 – lot Hacking Methodology
lesson4 – lot Hacking Tools
lesson5 – Countermeasures
lesson6 – lot Pen Testing

Learn: IOT concepts,attacks,

lesson1 – Cloud Computing Concepts
lesson2 – Cloud Computing Threats
lesson3 – Cloud Computing Attacks
lesson4 – Cloud Security
lesson5 – Cloud Security Tools
lesson6 – Cloud Penetration Testing

Learn: cloud computing concepts,threats,attacks,cloud security,security tools, cloud pentesting

lesson1 – Cryptography Concepts
lesson2 – Encryption Algorithms
lesson3 – Cryptography Tools
lesson4 – Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
lesson5 – Email Encryption
lesson6 – Disk Encryption
lesson7 – Cryptanalysis
lesson8 – Countermeasures

Learn: cryptography concepts,tools,encryption algorithms,PKI,email encryption,disk encryption,cryptanalysis,countermeasures

Tools Covered

100+ Enterprised tools & cloud based tools

CompTIA - Batches

timings are flexible for Employees | weekend and weekdays

Security plus – Offline Batch

9:00 am to 11:00 am 

10th August - Weekday

45 days | 2hr
Enroll Now

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm 

20th August - Weekend

8 weeks | 6hr
Enroll Now

CEH v11 – Offline Batch

9:00 am to 11:00 am 

10th August - Weekday

45 days | 2hr
Enroll Now

9:00 am to 3:00 pm 

13th August - Weekend

8 weeks | 6hr
Enroll Now

4:00 pm to 6:00 pm 

18th August - Weekday

45 days | 2hr
Enroll Now

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm 

24th August - Weekday

45 days | 2hr
Enroll Now

Certified Ethical Hacker Details

Target Audience

CEH Certification does not require any prerequisite

Ethical hackers
Information Security Analyst
Fresher graduates
Security Analyst

CEH v11 - Ec Council

21 lessons - 45+ hours
View Course

Exam Information

For EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification

Certification Name:  312-50 (ECC EXAM), 312-50 (VUE)
Test Format: Multiple Choice
Number of Questions: 125
Test Duration: 4 Hours

CEH v11 - Ec COuncil

21 lessons - 45+ hours
View Course

Learning Options

Classroom training


Certification & Training

Self-Learning Access


Certification & Self Learning

Enterprise Training


Certification & Training

New era of Job searching..!

We have our own dedicated job site only for cyber security & SOC connected to the large no of cyber security industries and help cyber folks to get their dream jobs in cyber security field. 

This application already connected to more than 100+ cyber security companies and our dedicated team post jobs & remind you.

FAQ's about CYSA plus

what type of training modes available in SiemHunters..?

SiemHunters is a Unit of cyberloop & Pentesterzone offers Instructor-Led training, Live Classroom, On-demand and Self paced. most of the attendees choose live classroom training and on-demand.

Where can i take comptia exams?

SiemHunters offers comptia training and certifications in Hyderabad and Vijayawada. currently, you can attend exams in-house under our proctor vision. 

How do i become a Comptia certified Professional..?

To become a certified ethical hacker, you’ll want to follow these steps:

1. register at siemhunters Training center

2. choose your mode of training

3. Complete your training and doing all exercises with our own enterprise labs

4. Attend the exam in our center (ECC)

5. once you pass in exam, you will become a certified ethical hacking professional. 

After security plus, what type of roles i expected?

After earn your Comptia security plus certifications. you are officially certified Professional and also called as a security analyst. this below are the roles after security plus in global IT.

Security analyst

Cyber Security Analyst

Network Analyst


Malware Analyst

How SiemConnect works..?

SiemConnect already working with 100+ cyber security organizations, it helps to apply internships, cyber security jobs, and siem jobs also

how are our instructors?

All of our Highly qualified trainers are CEI certified with 10 + years of experience in global corporates in the areas of Security domain.

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